Are you familiar with the term “diet”? Of course you are.

To be honest with you, I am not a big fan of the word. It is one of those words that seem to have lost its true meaning over the course of time.

What do we associate with the word diet? I am very interested in hearing your opinion. So please do leave a comment and let me know.

As far as I see it, society has classified a diet as something that needs to be done to be healthy food wise, or a short term way of eating to achieve a goal.

From that we have derived the verb “to diet”. So going off this definition when we say “to diet” we mean “to be food healthy”. Right?

So why then aren’t we dieting all the time? Why is diet so short term that we are only food healthy sometimes. This is usually when we want to lose weight.

This is why I am not the biggest fan of the word.

Why has it come to this?

Look around. The word appears everywhere. It has been used and abused by marketing campaigns to encapsulate a product with an edge whilst making you think it is healthy.

Diet this, diet that, diet drink, diet food, try this diet, be on that diet, don’t do this diet, have you tried this new diet. There are a plethora of associations attached to this poor little word.

The term is usually associated with items marketed to be lower in sugar or fat. Essentially, it is used to promote the core theme of being a “healthy” product.

What happens is that when we see diet items we then associate these with being healthy and not as bad as the original non-diet item.

This type of labeling on food is something I would like to cover in a more detailed post, but for now, just keep in mind how the word diet is thrown around.

Is dieting good?

Going on a traditional diet in the traditional sense of the word usually involves eating less, eating salads, going to the gym, cutting out dessert, and so on.

This is a very ineffective way to reach a goal. It is so short term that any results you achieve will not be sustainable and disappear in a short term. And you will have to keep “dieting” to keep getting healthy and achieving results.

Think about it, why do people go on diets in the first place? It is usually to lose weight, to detox, to put on muscle, or because they were told to do so by the doctor.

Why not just go on a “diet” permanently and then just maintain the weight, maintain the muscle and maintain you health whilst enjoying unhealthy food every now and then.

It comes down to an understanding of your food. When you go on a “diet” you are applying a bandage remedy to the problem.

Instead you need to understand the root cause and tackle that. It all begins with an understanding of the issue at hand and then applying this knowledge to reach and stay at your goal. Understand what you are putting into your body, its different forms, and whether it is any good.

“Knowledge is not power. Knowledge applied is power” – Robin Sharma

Understand what food does for you

So what is a diet?

What then does the word diet really mean?

The way I see it, the word has the following definition; a diet is a way of eating permanently. It is a lifestyle.

For example I endeavour to lead a healthy eating diet permanently, and only deviate for a treat. Not the other way around.

Your food lifestyle is your diet.

Your diet is how you eat normally. So if you normally eat junk food, sugary cereal and confectionary, this is your diet.

When you have a short term goal such as lose weight for a wedding or get beach ready for summer, you are not really going on a diet.

You are forcing yourself to deviate from your bad diet temporarily to achieve a change. Because what you were doing normally wasn’t giving you that result.

Which diet should you go on?

Don’t go on a short term diet to be healthy.

Make consistent changes to your existing diet.  Eat for function. Learn about food and make changes to the way you eat so that what you eat benefits you. This is the best way to achieve your goals, whatever they are.

If your diet is healthy and doing you good, you won’t need to “go on a diet”.

Instead you can have occasional cheat meals to reward your self and taste buds.


Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let me know. Not sure if the message I am trying to convey in this post is clear, it was as difficult one.

What I essentially mean is; don’t go on a diet, change your diet!