Tasty Food

Hi everyone, welcome to my first attempt at the blogging sphere. I’m new to all this, so things may be a little messy at first, but bear with me as I keep working on improving methods to deliver the information for you. I want to use this as an avenue to share what I am passionate about whilst keeping things exciting for your reading pleasure.

Before I get into any further I just wanted to say that I LOVE feedback. So please, go crazy in the comments section, on the facebook page, etc. If you love what I am saying, let me know and make my day! If you disagree, let me know and we can have an educated debate. If you hate it, really let me know, and why, so I can improve it, but if you go crazy with the insults I will probably just right you off as a hater.

Okay so, food. We all love food don’t we? But why do we actually eat? These are the common things I hear from people:

  • because food tastes good;
  • because we need to eat or will starve and die;Intro
  • because food tastes good;
  • because food makes us feel better;
  • because food tastes good;
  • because as kids our parents told us to eat so it stuck;
  • because food tastes good.

Okay so there are a whole lot of other reasons but as you can probably see I’ve exaggerated a bit on how important taste is. I mean most of us know we need to eat or we’ll eventually stop functioning, but I guarantee you, most people out there will tell you that they’re main motivation for eating food  is because it tastes good. I mean just look at the number of websites and blogs dedicated to eating out and finding awesome tasting food. Look at all the cooking shows on TV that glorify exquisite, ‘fine dining’ food.

There was a time when I too used to say; “I live to eat”. I used to only eat food that tasted good. So naturally I loved hot dogs, burgers (still do), pizza, chips etc. and hated vegetables, fruits, and anything that people said was good for me, but simply didn’t taste very good. I still remember as a little kid hiding all the vegetables amongst un-eaten food or in a napkin and telling my parents I was too full to finish. I used to take so long to eat because I absolutely hated it and was always last to finish. No wonder I was always so skinny!

Short Memory

It seems that in reaching where we are as a society today, we have forgotten the fundamental functions that food plays in our life. Food is SO important. We eat based on taste and have forgotten what food actually does for us. We think that because the packaging says ‘diet’ or ‘healthy’ its good for us. We line up at juice bars because they’re decorated with bright colours and tell us about how healthy fruit juice is. We exercise heaps to lose weight, then eat salad for lunch and dinner and wonder why we feel crap and don’t reach our exercise goals.

In our age of advertising and clever marketing to push certain food products over others we have lost our ancestors’ knowledge of eating food for it’s function. It’s not a coincidence that our so called developed nations are now plagued with obesity, depression, suicide, anorexia and so on.

Why Food is Important

Food affects every portion of our lives. You really are what you eat:

  • food affects the way you feel;
  • food plays a big part in getting sick (besides food poisoning);
  • food affects the way you look (from your skin, to your hair to body type);
  • food affects what you achieve in life;
  • food affects how you think.

What This Blog is About

This blog is about learning that food has a function and breaking those misconceptions that have plagued our food life. We can feel great, we can lose weight, we can put on muscle, and we can do anything really through eating the right foods. It’s not about forcing you to eat broccoli and chicken breast. That is an extreme. But it’s about empowering you with information on how by making the right choices in only small aspects of what you eat; you can start to really feel fantastic! There are so many misconceptions about food out there and it’s time to break them. Good food can be pretty hard to eat, which is why we emphasise taste but good food can taste good too. Through this blog I want to share with you what I have learned about food and hopefully help broaden your mind about why we eat, and what foods actually do to us, both good and bad.

How Will it Do So?

Posts will be uploaded every Monday and Friday. Those are the hardest days to focus at work so here’s something to procrastinate on and learn at the same time! During the week if I find any good articles, websites or blogs I’ll post them up as well.

I Need You to be a Genius

I need you to have an open mind and be a genius. Einstein said that a genius is someone who is willing to accommodate new ideas. I need you to be that kind of genius. Let’s go! Oh and please share with your friends and lets break these food misconceptions.