About Food for Function

Food For Function is about spreading the importance of food. We seem to have forgotten the importance of food. We do not know why we eat or what to eat to achieve what we are trying to do in life.

We spend so much money on quick fixes, diets, weight loss plans, supplements and so on. But we neglect the one simple remedy that has been here for so long. This is the remedy that our ancestors revered and studied religiously.

This is the remedy of FOOD.

In this technologically advanced world we have cured diseases and solved problems.

But the more problems we solve the more we seem to create; from obesity to eczema, to lethargy, to headaches and depression. The first thing we seem to do when faced with one of these is look towards the latest medication or cure when most of these problems are usually caused by what you eat.

When thinking about what you put into your body remember GIGO

Garbage In, Garbage Out

If you put in garbage, the benefit you receive will also be garbage.

Food for Function is about sharing knowledge on what to eat for purpose, why to eat, and when to eat. It is about sharing the knowledge of food. Let us not forget the power of food.

Let us eat for function.


About Me

Hi I’m Ranjeev and I have a passion for health. The body is an amazing and beautiful thing and I endeavour to learn as much about it as I can about it. Through this I realised how important food was and how food affects us in every way.

I started hitting the gym when I was 18 and trained hard for years but did not achieve substantial results. Honestly I now know that this was because I never ate the right amounts of the right kinds of food at the right time.

That really got me thinking about food and sparked the passion.

My diet has been called extremely healthy. But that is because my goal is to put on lean muscle naturally which is not easy. At the end of the day the principles I have learned are all the same. It stems from an understanding of food.

I honestly feel that we are loosing touch with what we eat and as such are reaping the consequences, day by day. My mission is to change that. I want to remind people what food does. I don’t intend on forcing you to eat what I eat, but instead want to share my understanding with you. I’m no expert, I’m still learning, this page is an avenue to share what I have learnt. And I am no doctor, so this stuff is just advice.

Let us learn how to eat for function and improve our lives as a result.